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Improving Air Quality Along Colorado’s Front Range:
The Mow Down Pollution Program

The Problem

Gas-powered lawn mowers and other lawn equipment emit greenhouse gases and contribute to ground-level ozone pollution in the Denver Metro/North Front Range area. By switching to an electric mower you can make a positive impact on our air quality and human health.

The Program

The Regional Air Quality Council has launched the Mow Down Pollution – exchange program as part of their efforts to mitigate ground-level ozone and enhance air quality. This initiative offers vouchers to support individuals and organizations who opt to recycle their gas-powered lawn equipment and replace it with rechargeable or corded electric-powered alternatives.

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Residential Program Status:

The residential program is closed for the 2023 season. The 2024 waitlist is available here.

Commercial Program Status:

The commercial pilot program is currently open. Apply now!

Public Entity Grant Program Status:

Our public entity grant program is accepting applications. However, applications may be delayed as we re-evalute funding. Public entities can apply today!

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