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This is not intended to be a comprehensive list and we will add other companies as information becomes available. Award recipients can purchase electric equipment from any company they deem fit. This is meant to be helpful and informational only.

Your organization may be eligible for tax credits. Consult your tax or legal professional for eligibility requirements.

Inflation Reduction Act $7,500 per mower

Credit is 30% per mower, with a max of $7,500 per lawn mower. The credit is available for sales made beginning Jan. 1, 2023, and the credit sunsets in 2032. These mowers must be less than 14,000 lbs. and have a battery capacity of not less than 7-kilowatt hours.


Distributors and Retailers

This information is only informational. You can purchase your equipment wherever your organization deems fit. 

LL Johnson

4700 Holly St Denver, CO 80216

High Altitude Equipment

3409 Prospect Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Colorado Outdoor Power Equipment

1339 W Byers Pl, Denver, CO 80223

ACE Hardware

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