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This page contains various forms, documents, and portals to upload the required documentation necessary to receive your reimbursement. This page also contains other and other helpful information to complete your application and help your organization go electric! Not seeing what you need? Email us at:

Application Worksheet

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Example Application

Emission Calculator

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Reimbursement Portal

Must send a final invoice for reimbursement. Must include: 

    • Purchase Order (You received from the RAQC)
    • Equipment invoice (Itemized list of purchases made)
    • Proof of payment (Copy of check OR printout from your accounting system showing payment) 
    • Recycling verification (Receipts OR recycling affidavit AND photos of decommissioned or recycled equipment. 
    • Final reimbursement invoice (Invoice from your organization to the RAQC requesting funds)

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We can help but there are also outside resources who are experts in the field.

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